Securus Technology, Bettering Their Business For The Future

Securus Technology has recently made a great choice that will truly better their business in the future. Securus Technology is located in Dallas,Texas and they have been providing the public with the best inmate technology services and the best investigating tools to detectives and different law enforcement professionals for more than 30 years now. Securus happens to be one of the few technology companies that is accredited by the BBB. The company has been the leader in their field of work since they first opened. Even though Securus has been providing top of the line service, they recently made an expansion to their company which will allow them to provide their customers more flexibility and also expand the line of services that they can provide.


Securus has recently purchased GoPayNet. GoPayNet is now part of Securus. The president of Securus, Robert Pickens, announced this new partnership earlier in the year. Pickens was very proud of the expansion that his company had recently acquired. Pickens and the company’s goal is to continue to give their customers different options when it comes to paying for different government fees. According to Securus, they will continue to build on this goal for their consumers. They will continue to find different ways to help give their customers a variety of ways to pay the government and a variety of ways to continue to provide great technology to their customers as well.


In case you weren’t aware, GoPayNet is one of the best electric payment processing companies in the country. The company processes government fees only. Some of these fees may consist of criminal fees in general and different kinds of court fees. This company was founded by a former law enforcement professional. As of now, Securus and the public is really excited about this new partnership.