Oncotarget’s Guideline On Professional Authors Conduct

Oncotarget is respected for being one of the best scientific journals in the world. The special journal has been in the competitive market for a while now, and it has assisted very many individuals who are looking for information concerning cancer research and oncology. Although the journal has not been published for a long time, it has published several papers concerning age-related illnesses, endocrinology, phycology, pathology, and immunology.Oncotarget has done well in the competitive market for several reasons. First of all, the institution has very strict guidelines that ensure that the authors do not engage in activities that might alter the authenticity of the information published.The journal has done its best to avert any circumstances of falsification, plagiarism, fabrication, defamation and many other crimes related to publication.

These guidelines have made Oncotarget one of the most reliable journals in the medical field at the moment.Authors who are interested in working with the journal are always encouraged to describe their results in the most accurate and reliable manner so that the objective of their work can be understood by the audience. Before any information can be published in the journal, the management ensures that the detailed content has great references, so the reader is satisfied. Before an author can publish their research in the journal, the content must be reviewed by the editorial team who are led by Mikhail Blagosklonny.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has been in the medical profession for a very long time, and he is famed to be one of the most authoritative figures in Oncotarget.Under his leadership, the journal has published some of the complex topics, especially in cancer and aging. The respected scientist has a rich educational background, and he has a great understanding of what the consumer is looking for. The research papers published under his leadership have proven to be genuine with the right information. Before the research is published, Mikhail Blagosklonny and his professors take time to edit and check the information so that they can ascertain that it is correct. Some of the most popular publications specialize in aging and its relationship with cancer.