Securus Technologies Helping Locate Contraband in Jail

Me and my fellow corrections officers have our hands full each day inside the prison trying to maintain the peace with the inmates. Once you bring drugs and contraband into the jail, you go from a dangerous to a deadly situation in the blink of an eye. In order to help keep these items from getting into the hands of the inmates, we are working hard in several areas of the prison to spot and remove these items as quickly as possible.


The weakest location in our jail is the visitor center. This is not only the place where the inmates get to be up close with family and friends, it is the place where things could be changing hands. Despite us warning these visitors of the trouble they could be in if anything we given to the inmates, we have some very persuasive folks behind bars that get innocent people to do some irrational things from time to time.


Securus Technologies was key in helping us to really tighten down our efforts to get the contraband out of the jail. This company installed a telephone monitoring system that is far more advanced that the system we used to use. In fact, the LBS software can detect verbiage on any subject and alert officers while they are off focused on other efforts.


Days after learning how the monitoring system works, we were able to listen in and pick up on calls where inmates were talking about concealing the drugs inside their cell, using the drugs after hours, and even hiding the drugs in the yard so they can be sold to other inmates during time outside. Each time that we get a new alert that is pertaining to the contraband, we have a team ready to roll and to shut down the situation right now.