Securus Technologies, Inc., An Innovative Pioneer Within The Corrections Technologies Market.

Securus Technologies, Inc. focuses its technological advancements toward providing exceptional detainee communications, secure government information tracking and parolee tracking technology.


Securus Technologies, Inc. is a recognized brand leader in Offender Management Systems. With their innovations being used internationally, Securus Technologies, Inc. currently provides technological service to over 2,600 correctional facilities in 45 states, and enables connection to more than 1,000,000 inmates nationwide. The corrections facility provider is also successfully maintained connections in the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico.


Securus Technologies, Inc. voluntarily took part in working with the Better Business Bureau to meet the required high standards of the BBB. Receiving the Better Business leaders award means that Securus Technologies has gone above and beyond to provide a trust base with their customers. Providing continuous quality customer service and care to both the departments as well as to inmates and their families. Securus Technologies, Inc. advertises with integrity, approaching all commitments, transactions and new business dealings with honesty and accountability. Securus Technologies, Inc. is known to protect and safeguard privacy both within the marketplace and for the individual. Protecting and ensuring that all data is safe from fraud and mismanagement.


A testament to The Securus Technologies, Inc. is their call center, that has a customer satisfaction score of 4.3 out of 5. Securus Technologies, Inc. maintains that these acknowledgements are the result of Securus Technologies, Incs. extensive training program for their customer service agents. Each trained representative answers call to an average of over 2.5 million calls per month, so being prepared and well trained is absolutely necessary.


The security communications marketplace has been known to make wild claims. The BBB award proves just that. Securus Technologies, Inc. is different. The accreditation From BBB means that Securus Technologies, Inc. actually says what they will do and does what they say. Securus Technologies Inc. focuses on connecting what really matters, through civil and criminal justice technology solutions.


Sawyer Howitt: The One And Only

As the Millennials come of age, it remains fascinating to see what impact they will have on society. As the world progresses into virtually a computer “motherboard,” Millennials have so many resources at their disposal. Unlike the previous generation, Millennials grew up in the age of the “iPhone.” Furthermore, numerous technological advances have taken place. As Sawyer Howitt comes of age, it gives countless people hope for a better future. Not only does Sawyer possess wisdom beyond his years, he also remains someone with the ability to positively change the world.

As a senior in high school, it remains interesting to see what kind of man he will grow into. So far, the results remain favorable. Aside from his talent as a racquetball player, Sawyer remains endowed in numerous areas. When not studying for a test, Sawyer Howitt remains hard at work preparing spreadsheets for the company that he leads. Should his job position provide an indication of the direction that he remains headed in, it looks like Sawyer Howitt will become an extremely successful entrepreneur.

Moreover, Sawyer Howitt works as the project manager of Meriwether Group. In addition, his father founded the company. Therefore, it remains easy to say that good business runs in his family. In addition, Sawyer remains actively involved in his community. When Sawyer does not have any homework or spreadsheets to make, he spends much of his time serving his community as a role model. Moreover, he remains an avid supporter of the women’s rights movement.

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Honey Birdette Takes the Market by Storm

Honey Birdette has taken the market by storm through its decision to increase the number of retail stores operating in the UK. The famous lingerie brand that hails from Australia, has unveiled its US platform with an eye for growth before the end of 2018. The brand currently has about 55 operating stores in Australia.

Honey Birdette was birthed in 2006 by the respected entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan. The brand has experienced huge sales and profits over the last year, leading to the launch of the digital platform. According to management, it will enable them to efficiently and effectively meet their clients’ needs on time. Eloise Monaghan strongly believes that the initiative will improve customer experience, make deliveries faster, and, provide a product variety range for the clients.

The management has been consistent in opening retail branches. It is just a year since it opened the first retail store away from home, in London’s Covent Garden. Also, it has opened a store in Westfield White City and the famous Leeds’s Victoria Gate. The management continues to state that they have more in store for their customers, as they plan on opening more retail stores and keep them satisfied.

About Honey Birdette

Birdette was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan as the first sensuality boutique in Australia. The main goal was to produce more provocative lingerie as well as other high-end bedroom accessories. The brand has its headquarters in Australia, and, has spread its market widely to the UK and US with plans to even create a larger market for its clients.

The boutiques are designed to be sensual and luxurious. Interesting to note, champagne is served to customers who visit the stores. The workers employed at the stores have a passion for their work, and, are dedicated to delivering the best service to customers with no boundaries whatsoever.

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Sam Boraie and his involvement with Boraie Development, LLC

Sam Boraie is a real estate mogul and an active philanthropist. He is the Vice President of the Boraie Development, LLC which is a property development company. Sam Boraie is considered as great businessman who has brought positive change to the area of New Brunswick through his company, Boraie Development, LLC. He has invested a lot of effort and resources in bringing growth and expansion to New Brunswick. His company, Boraie Development, LLC has been able to create many developments in New Brunswick. In the last 5 years, the development company has been focusing on developing other areas apart from New Brunswick such as Atlantic City and Newark.

According to PR Newswire, Boraie Development, LLC has constructed retail shops, office buildings and also residential apartments. Sam Boraie, who is 73 years old, has an extensive experience in the real estate sector. Apart from property development, The Boraie Development, LLC is involved in property management, maintenance, accounting and also customer service. Through the exemplary leadership of Sam Boraie, the company has been able to meet the expectations of the residents of New Brunswick and even beyond. Sam Boraie is also the force behind the State Theatre which is one of the landmarks of New Brunswick. The theatre supports culture and music performance and has benefited many residents of New Brunswick.

Sam Boraie is in the Board of Trustees of the State Theatre and he is involved in the process of decision making that makes sure that culture and art are preserved in the theatre. Sam Also serves as a member of the Elijah’s promise advisory board. An anti-hunger charity organization, Elijah’s promise makes sure that no resident of New Brunswick is affected by hunger. With the help of Sam, the Boraie Development, LLC has been able to partner with famous visionary architects, financial institutions and also contractors.

In an article on NY Times, the Boraie Development, LLC has served in the real estate industry for over 4 decades and uses its capital, reliability and dedication to make sure that every project meets the client’s demands. In order to fund its projects, the Boraie Development, LLC uses private financing sources like commercial banks. The company is currently working on a high-end rental tower at New Brunswick. The company is also working on other notable projects like New Jersey Today and Five Visions.

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