The Spark Is Becoming A Fire

If you have an established brand, then you may feel that your marketing efforts have to be minimal at best. That word of mouth can keep your business afloat, succeeding and growing. While you might stay afloat with this mindset, you certainly will have a hard time growing in the competitive business atmosphere that 2017 offers up.

The recent year long study by Edison Research for PodcastOne shows, among other things, that the marketing of well known brands via the method of podcasting can bring more awareness to consumers than previously thought. It is not just marketing that brings this awareness though, but rather marketing through podcasts.

While this is a relatively new media in the marketing world, it is one you would do well to participate in if you want your brand and your business to stay relevant. The numbers in the final, published results of their study speak for themselves. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Awareness for a brand grows when listened to on a podcast, therefore the potential for sales grows with it. And this is, after all, how a business grows…..through the growth of sales. If you are not taking advantage of the pod-casting market yet, you really should look into the potential it offers.

This is also a great way to get a new business and brand recognized and, in time, becoming established in its specific sector of business. While many podcasting shows still lean heavily on the sports world in order to be successful, the recent study done is sure to open many eyes and minds to the potential of podcasting for the sole purpose of marketing one’s business.

One could say that the sports themed podcasts are marketing. Marketing the business of football, basketball or whatever other sport they focus on. While this is true, it is also true that this is a very general type of marketing, whereas more focus is being put on specific business marketing.

Retail is a good example. There are not many podcasts as of yet that focus on the retail business world. This is sure to change though as this spark is quickly turning into a fire

Wessex Institute of Technology: Wikipedia Highlights

Located in New Forest National Park in the South of England, Wessex Institute of Technology offers a variety of degrees and is also a top research university. One of the primary goals of the Wessex Institute of Technology is the exchange of information between industry professionals and individuals within the world of academia. Divided into the three core areas of Research, Conferences, and Publishing, the Wessex Institute of Technology is an unheralded university, and one of the top facilitators of international conferences in the world.

Warren Buffet Discusses Retirement Planning And Funds Investing On CNBC

Warren’s Buffet name is synonymous with philanthropy. The legendary investor, together with his billionaire buddy, Bill Gates have donated a combined net worth of close to 50 billion dollars. Buffet has pledged to dish off another cool million dollars by the end of the year. That million will come from Mr. Buffet winning the bold wager he placed recently.

The Million Dollar Bet

Here’s the bet: Buffet speculates he’ll earn more trading in S&P passive indexes than the best hedge fund management firm does at the same time. If he’s indeed right, then that effectively changes everything. If Buffet’s right then the fund managers are crooks and us, as the regular investors ought not to entrust our trust and money on their hands.

Industry Insiders Take

Leading head fund managers namely, Tim Armour didn’t take too kindly to the sentiments of the World’s third richest man. In his opinion, Mr. Armour, also another brilliant investor, begged to differ on the premise that one needs to long term. Not to be buoyed by the short-term positive outcomes promised by the likes of Buffet. Tim urges the regular investor to try and built a well-leveraged but broad portfolio. Timothy Armour also adds that there is indeed safety in mutual funds if you are keen on retiring with financial security.

About Tim Armour

Tim currently operates as a portfolio manager at the Los Angeles-based investment banker, Capital Group. The B.A Economics holder from Middlebury College also serves as the Chairman and the Principal Executive Officer at Capital’s Research Company Inc. Tim’s understanding of the equities markets spans back an astounding 35 years in 2017. No wonder he’s the recipient of distinguished professional awards. He’s currently 55 years old, and according to, Tim began working at Capital Inc. way back in 1983 as a candidate in one of the company’s intern programs.

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The Importance of Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology play a critical role in medical procedures. Without this valuable medication, getting through these in-depth procedures would be downright impossible for both patients and doctors. Austin, Texas is home to one of the largest and leading independent practices that specializes in this vital service. Capital Anesthesiology Association is the name and providing the most comfortable atmosphere for patients is the game. CAA has been around since 1973 and it has steadily grown throughout the years thanks to the advancements in medicine and services. This institution retain the highest percentiles of national quality benchmarks hands down and this is why.

Capital Anesthesiology Association sets the precedent in most cases thanks to it’s unbelievable number of medical personnel. This institution is extremely large as it hosts around 80 doctors as well as around 130 certified registered nurses. Having this large amount of medical staff allow CAA to cover a broader range than the competition. As of today, CAA serves up to 20 medical facilities in and around Greater Austin, Texas whether it’s for ambulatory surgical centers, high acuity hospitals, or for level 1 trauma centers.

Here are a few of the medical facilities that are being served on a daily basis. Dell Children’s Medical Center, Strictly Pediatrics, Texas Surgery Center, Texas Orthopedic, Seton Hayes, Seton Medical Center, Brackenridge Hospital, Northwest Hills Surgical Center, and numerous others. Capital Anesthesiology Association is setting new trends and changing the current status quo.

The Lung Institute – Ensuring Advanced Treatment For Lung Diseases And Disorders Through The Stem Cell Therapy

The treatment of problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, interstitial lung disease, and other lung related issues haven’t seen much development in the last few decades. Even though there has been a massive transformation and development going on in the medical world, nothing new has happened in the treatment of most of the lung diseases. It is what is frustrating for the patients suffering from the lung issues.

The Lung Institute in the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas opened with the idea of offering the patients with a much needed alternative treatment plan through the stem cell therapy. The Stem Cell Therapy is one of the most advanced and efficient treatment plan used by the people these days. The stem cell experts at the Lung Institute have years of experience in the field and have done extensive research on the subject, ensuring that the patients get only the best stem cell treatment they truly deserve. The lung disorders can hamper the quality of life in ways more than one, but thanks to the Lung Institute, the patients with prolonged disorders can now sigh in relief finally.

The stem cell therapy uses the autologous stem cells from the body of the patients itself from the treatment. The stem cells are known to have healing powers because of their ability to replicate fast and form a tissue anywhere in the body. It is this property of the stem cells that the Lung Institute use to heal the lungs. The Lung Institute is based in Tampa and has five clinics in different states across the country, which makes it readily available for patients across the country. The Lung Institute has successfully offered its treatment to over 3,000 patients since its inception in 2013 and continues to provide path-breaking treatment to many of its patients. Read the testimonials on

The quality of life drastically improves after the treatment from the Lung Institute. The treatment at the Lung Institute is provided with care and in a personalized fashion, ensuring that the patients get the results they came looking for. There are many finance programs available for paying for the treatment.

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The winning streak for Securus Technologies Continues as they bag the Gold Stevie Awards for best sales and customer service

A few years ago, communicating with a person in the correctional facilities was a very expensive affair. To most, the cost of making a simple phone call was more than ten times the standard rates, even when the person was within the state. The bigger challenge was the communication, which used to be unsupervised, and at times, money, weapons, and plans would be made and successfully commit even more crimes without any monitoring or reporting. The chaos is the kind of situation that Securus Technologies found on the ground when they started their operations five years ago. Fast forward five years, and it is now possible to monitor, track and prevent these crimes before they happen, all thanks to Securus’ technological innovations.


This commitment to transform the prison systems is what has earned the company the level of recognition and success that they are enjoying. A month ago, they won the award for the best company in customer service and sales at the 11th edition of the Gold Stevie Awards. This event was held at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The senior Vice president of operations at Securus, Danny De Hoyos accepted the award on behalf of the company and was elated about the achievement. In the acceptance speech, he stated that the firm had reached a point where they decided it was not enough to offer excellent services to their customers if their level of customer service was not on par with the service. He added that the award was a reflection of the degree of care they showed to their clients when handling their issues.


A few months earlier, the company had received accreditation from the better business bureau, which just confirms that they are excellent in customer service. One of the judges at the awards also commended them for their effort and encouraged them to strive to do even better.


Eric Pulier is Dedicated to the Good of Others

When someone becomes an entrepreneur, they can either focus on their own good and all that they are hoping to do to make their life better or they can focus on the good of others. Eric Pulier is someone who has chosen to use his own life and his own work to help out those who are in need of help. He has chosen to work for the good of others and to be someone who is a positive force in the world.

Eric Pulier started young with the work that he wanted to do, programming computers in the fourth grade. He was known as someone who was smart and ready to take on the world. Eric Pulier went on to study at Harvard, majoring in English and American Literature. He was dedicated to the education that he was receiving and he worked as an editor while he was at school.

In his adult life, Eric Pulier has worked as the founder of a company that focuses on education, health care, and other important issues. He sees the problems that are out there and he seeks to address those problems. He has lead a project to create a special social network option for those children who are chronically ill. He sees the hurting and he figures out ways that he can help them.

Eric Pulier is someone who is deeply involved in philanthropy and he has made financial donations that have done a lot to help those in need of support. He sits on the board for a camp that was created for children with chronic illness.There are some individuals who use their money for their own good and there are some who have a career that is focused on their own future. Eric Pulier is someone who is always looking out for the good of others and their advancement over his own.

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