Josh Verne business tips and advice

There is this common goal in life shared by many people all around the world to own their own successful business. It is a goal (or dream) that not every one gets to experience. Only those are hard working get a taste of what being your own boss feels like.


In a recent podcast with the CEO of Josh Verne shares his experiences and tips for those looking to run a business. He has been working on developing startups for nearly twenty years.


There are two different leadership positions one can have at a company. There are the leaders and then the bosses. Both are considered the ones running a company, but how they run the company is different. A boss usually runs with a self-centered attitude doing what he or she thinks is in the best interest of the company. It may be an unpopular opinion but what they say goes.


A leader who is someone who naturally wants to be respected and take charge when others are struggling. A leader puts the employees and other staff members before his self interests. They typically spend less time arguing with employees and trying to succeed.


A successful business owner should always be listening to input from employees, mangers, and other successful business owners. That is how we grow. The more people realize you are listening more than speaking the more credibility you earn.


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Josh Verne has served as the CEO and primary leader for for five years. His company uses a wide range of algorithms and tools to determine how likely a borrower is able to pay back a loan. Then his company can give out the loans. There is a 0% financing rate for all loan plans up to 12 months.