Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Background

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a certified cosmetic surgeon based out of Austin, Texas. She has extensive training and knowledge in the medical field and specializes in many different cosmetic procedures. Below is just some of Dr. Waldens medical training and educational background as well as some of the different procedures her office has to offer.




Dr. Jennifer Walden first began her education at the University of Texas back in August of 1990. She studied at the University of Texas at Austin located in Austin, Texas. She received a BA in biology and graduated with honors in 1994. After receiving her BA she then moved on to the University of Texas Medical Branch located in Galveston, Texas. From August of 1994 until May of 1998 she attended the university and eventually graduated with the highest honors with a medical degree.


After graduating she then went on to do her residency training at the University of Texas Medical branch in the department of surgery. After completing a one-year residency training she then moved on to the department of surgery division of plastic surgery and completed an integrated plastic surgery residency in June of 2003.


Following her residency training Dr. Jennifer Walden then went on to complete her Fellowship training at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital located in New York, New York. After completing her Fellowship training in June of 2004 she then went on to be an associate at the plastic surgery private practice of Dr. Sherrell J. Aston in New York, New York. Dr. Jennifer Walden remained at this practice until December of 2011 before moving back to Texas to start her own practice and raise her family.


This is just some of the educational background and medical training that Dr. Jennifer Walden has. She has also worked in a number of hospitals and medical centers all throughout Texas and New York. She currently works from her own private practice out of the Westlake Medical Center in Austin, Texas. Her office specializes in a variety of different top cosmetic procedures including breast augmentations, thigh lifts, facelifts, arm lifts and even vagina rejuvenation and hair transplants. She is known for her exceptional cosmetic work as well as her amazing aftercare.

Wengie’s exercise and food intake tricks

Wengie provides ideas to utilize your time in a productive manner when exercising and how to improve upon your food intake in her Do It Yourself (DIY) video. If a fan of watch NETFLIX, try a bit of exercise while watching the show versus simply sitting and eating snacks. Wengie suggests conducting yoga or palates while viewing the flick, or simply stretch to improve upon your flexibility while cutting down on your opportunities to snack on unwanted foods. If jogging is completed to stay in ship shape, try downloading an audio book to your smart phone. By doing so, one will be able to keep their mind occupied which is helpful to pass the time while running. In many cases, one can download a book and receive free trials up to 30 days. Google audio books and one will find many options to choose. Incidental exercise is helpful as well such as taking short walks while at work, taking the stairs versus the elevator, or even snap a few light weights on to your hair dryer or brush when getting your hair ready for the day.


Wengie suggests creating a play list on your smart phone if one has a tough time tracking time or the miles accrued when running. The play list should end at the targeted time or mileage that one has set their goal at. Add a couple of songs every week to slowly increase your distance. Food intake can be controlled by choosing an alternative to present snacks one partakes in. For example, Wengie suggests switch to popcorn versus potato chips, and using honey instead of sugar. Keep your body hydrated is important, and a trick suggested by Wengie is to place your water on top of your smart phone. If messages are checked often, one will have a gentle reminder to take a drink of water each time text messages or Facebook is reviewed. Wengie enjoys a pizza pie and has found a simple trick to lower calorie intake. Wengie suggests blots a portion of the grease from the top of the pizza pie which removes between 30 to 40 calories.

Josh Verne business tips and advice

There is this common goal in life shared by many people all around the world to own their own successful business. It is a goal (or dream) that not every one gets to experience. Only those are hard working get a taste of what being your own boss feels like.


In a recent podcast with the CEO of Flocku.com Josh Verne shares his experiences and tips for those looking to run a business. He has been working on developing startups for nearly twenty years.


There are two different leadership positions one can have at a company. There are the leaders and then the bosses. Both are considered the ones running a company, but how they run the company is different. A boss usually runs with a self-centered attitude doing what he or she thinks is in the best interest of the company. It may be an unpopular opinion but what they say goes.


A leader who is someone who naturally wants to be respected and take charge when others are struggling. A leader puts the employees and other staff members before his self interests. They typically spend less time arguing with employees and trying to succeed.


A successful business owner should always be listening to input from employees, mangers, and other successful business owners. That is how we grow. The more people realize you are listening more than speaking the more credibility you earn.


Find out more about your passions.


Josh Verne has served as the CEO and primary leader for workpays.me for five years. His company uses a wide range of algorithms and tools to determine how likely a borrower is able to pay back a loan. Then his company can give out the loans. There is a 0% financing rate for all loan plans up to 12 months.

The Continued Work of Don Ressler

Entrepreneur, Don Ressler is known for Co-Founding the business, Fabletics – focused on activewear. A recent article published in Entrepreneur.com write about the benefits of Fabletics. This article as well as other online articles about Ressler highlight his success as an entrepreneur. They highlight his achievements and his positive work in the business market.

The Fabletics article in Entrepreneur.com discusses the benefits of activewear, which started with actress, Kate Hudson. She came up with the idea of activewear in order to promote health and wellness on perezhilton.com. The 4 factors to promoting this brand and are keys to partnership, according to the article, are vertical integration, create meaningful relationship with others, give customers a reason to come back, and improve as you grow. The article highlights these 4 factors, addressing how each is important in order to develop a successful business model and partnership.

With vertical integration, the article in Entrepreneur.com tells of how quickly Fabletics works, while also maintaining a high standard. Another factor that is pivotal to Fabletics business model is building customer relationships, giving them a reason to come back. The article mentions how Fabletics have prospective VIPs take a quiz, which helps Fabletics offer members a personal style. Giving customers a reason to come back is pivotal to Fabletics online market on Crunchbase, offering limited editions styles for members. The article mentions how it helps keep the demand, making customers want it more. The last factor in the article mentions the importance of Fabletics continued growth. Part of their effort to continually grow, Fabletics underwent a design and changed how it communicates with customers. It put a focus on how to communicate with customers.

The success of Fabletics is not without Co-Founder, Don Ressler. In an interview with Ressler, he discusses how he realized with his business partner Adam Goldberg a huge market in activewear. Furthermore, Ressler discusses how Fabletics is built with the highest quality, making the product as competitive as Lululemon or other brands. He also mentions how Fabletics recently launched FLD, activewear for men. Ressler proves how he can build a successful business with Fabletics.

Reference: https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-ressler-328b4618

Positive Client Reviews Help Build Good Reputation for Fabletics

Fabletics, as a young firm, has proven to be among the most successful in the fashion industry, courtesy of its favorable reputation among its clientele. The company has increasingly been receiving positive reviews, which place them as one of the top retail enterprises for women in the United States. A significant number of their customers have positively reviewed them basing their reviews on the overall client services, shopping experience, product quality as well as the price of their products. Per se, Fabletics has been acknowledged as one of the leaders in the fashion sector. The firm aims at becoming more of a household name because of the many favorable, positive reviews it is receiving from its loyal consumers.


Over the past two years, the firm’s clients have been reviewing their products and their overall performance gauged against the customer’s expectations. Noticeably, most of its customers posited that the firm’s products are excellent. In addition, they noted that Fabletics offers high-quality products. One reviewer, observably, emphasized that the Fabletics’ products offer trendy styles and designs along with ensuring flexibility and comfort. As a result, the reviewer claimed to be overly satisfied with the products of Fabletics and rated them highly.


In another separate review, a client pointed out that their customer service was above stellar. The reviewer was in the process of returning some products they had recently purchased. On contacting the firm and giving the reason for the returning of the merchandise, the customer service was very rational. In minutes, the reviewer had received a positive response from Fabletics, and they discussed the issue fruitfully. By leveraging the expertise and professionalism of the customer service representative, the client was able to settle with a satisfying resolution. From that satisfactorily unique experience, the reviewer, in their review, informed both existing and potential customers how excellent the Fabletics’ consumer service is.


The Fabletics brand was co-founded in 2014 by Kate Hudson and has since its inception been setting the standards in the women’s athletic apparel sector. The firm strives to provide women from all walks of life with some of the most comfortable and trendiest athletic apparel available in the market. Among the Fabletics’ product portfolio, clients can purchase apparel such as sports bras, yoga pants as well as long-sleeved tops among others. These products are designed to allow women engage in athletic activities, on a regular basis, with complete comfort and trendy style. Fabletics, as a brand, has been able to stand out amongst its competitors due to its ability to offer plenty of incentives to their clientele. Subsequently, the firm has managed to create a broad base of loyal customers.

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Protection With Lip Balm

When you go out into the cool dry air of the fall season, you might notice that your lips become dry and chapped. Lip balm can be used on the lips to help prevent the cracking that develops, keeping your lips moisturized during the day. Since the skin on the lips is the thinnest on the body, it needs to stay protected so that infections don’t develop if there are severe cracks and peeling.

When lip balm is used, it promotes faster healing as the lips are hydrated and protected with essential vitamins and minerals. Most lip balms contain sunscreen. This will help protect the lips even if it’s not cool or dry outside. If the lips get burned by the sun, then blisters can develop. This can be painful, and the blisters could burst, resulting in bleeding and an increased chance of infection.

Evolution of Smooth is a company that provides small containers of lip balm that are round in size. Each container has a small ball of balm that is easy to roll on the lips, protecting the skin with a high amount of vitamin E and antioxidants. There are several flavors of the balm to choose from, such as blueberry and summer fruit(http://www.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-summer-fruit/-/A-13352556). These products are available on Walmart, Well and Amazon.

One of the products in the EOS lip balm line that gives a soft feel to the lips is shea butter. There is also jojoba oil in the balm to offer an extra layer of protection along with a shine to the lips. All of the products have been tested and are safe to use.

eBay Link: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm

Thor Halvorssen Provides a Strong Example of How to Advance Human Rights

Doing the right thing can be difficult at times. In large part this comes from not having guides to inspire one in the right direction. This is one of the reasons why leaders such as Thor Halvorssen are so important to the world. As president of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor has had ample opportunity to set a great example for people.

One of the most important points to take away from his role there is the focus on humanity. This might seem like a fairly common sense idea at first. But the fact is, that Thor has made a point of focusing the efforts of the Human Rights Foundation on humanity as a whole. This means looking after the rights of everyone on the planet, rather than a select few groups within a particular country. The idea is plainly self evident from the name. But it’s all too easy for people to get overly caught up with the politics of any one given area. Thor makes it a point to stress the fact that everyone, everywhere, has a claim on basic human rights.

However, Thor’s life also showcases the fact that caring about everyone in the world by no means limiting actions to avoid the politics of a particular region. He’s a patron of the Czech based children’s peace movement called On Own Feet. This movement is a unique collaboration between different children who join together to help each other. It’s not just a way of fostering positive action within charities. It’s also a method by which strong leaders such as Thor can help to foster successors in the upcoming generation of children.

Finally, this desire to lead and inspire might well be part of the reason why he’s producing the upcoming film adaptation of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. The future of the novel and the movie based on it presents some unique challenges for people to consider in their own lives. Like the best science fiction, it challenges viewers with ideals to strive for and roadblocks to consider within the present. In a similar way Thor’s life can serve as a way for people to find inspiration in the actions they choose for themselves. He’s clearly found a way to help people in his everyday life. And it’s equally clear that one can use his life as an example of how to make the world a better place.

More visit: https://www.facebook.com/thorhalvorssen/