Omar Boraie Pledges $1.5 Million Towards Genomic Science Chair Formed By Rutgers Cancer Institute Honoring Him

To promote precision medicine and accelerate research and development in the field of cancer research, a chair for Genome Science was recently established at Rutgers Cancer Institute. The chair was named after Omar Boraie, who is a serial entrepreneur and a legendary real estate developer based in New Brunswick. Omar Boraie has committed to making a donation of $1.5 Million reveals Bloomberg for the establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair, which is challenge initiative of the Rutgers University and a part of 18 Chair Challenge campaign. An anonymous donor has pledged to provide donation matching $1.5 Million for each chair, which raises the total endowment for each chair to $3 Million.

The world of medical science and cancer research has rapidly advanced in the last few years, and one of the branches that have shown some positive results is precision medicine and genome science. It helps the physicians and scientists to study the case of each patient on a genetic level, which helps in individualizing the treatment offered. The gene sequencing is done and practiced at many cancer centers across the globe, but Rutgers Cancer Institute was the first establishment in the country to collaborate genomic sequencing and the practice of precision medicine to offer an efficient treatment to the patients. In his state of Union Address, former U.S. President Obama announced last year how precision medicine could help in advancing cancer research initiatives. He also announced the launch of Precision Medicine program that would focus on finding a cure for cancer and better cancer therapies.

Sam Boraie for many decades has been a part of the development and success story of New Brunswick, and supporting this chair through his pledge is just another step towards helping the community on a broader scale. He has a background in chemistry and has for long been interested in the initiative for cancer research. He believes that the donation of his family and others in the 18 Chair would also help other affluent members of the society to come forward to support the cause. A news piece on the Omar Boraie’s contribution towards the formation of Chair is also published on NewsWise, a leading online news publication.

The chair has been assigned to the well-known Oncologist, Shridar Ganesan, MD, and Ph.D., who before joining Rutgers Cancer Institute was working with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which is a cancer research arm of Harvard Medical School. The formation of the chair would encourage the physicians and scientists working in the field of clinical research in precision medicine and cancer therapies.

Jim Hunt Announces Plans to Make His Mother a Millionaire

Jim Hunt is a financial advisor and CEO of VTA Publications in Norfolk. His vast experience in the global market trends has led to great accomplishment in the stock exchange. As an expert in stocks and bonds, Jim has his focus on the average investor where he shows them on the best way to make successful investments on He is renowned for his success in trading in both a bear and bull markets. Hunt has taken to YouTube to translate sales, predicting trades as well as provide reliable information to the investors worldwide.

VTA Publications

Jim Hunt VTA Publications serves as the CEO of VTA Publications which a leading non-fiction publisher. Since its inception, it has been providing innovative economics and financial information to many customers all over the world. They provide information through the publication of long-distance courses as well as host events on different genres. Additionally, the company gives information to investors and independent thinkers on how the complex financial institutions operate. They also disclose the secrets that most big businesses do not want others to know through their booklets and CDs.

Interview with Ideamnesch

Speaking to Ideamensch, Jim Hunt advises the other entrepreneurs to listen to people actively and have some deep knowledge of human psychology. Jim Hunt also uses direct mail to converse with his clients, therefore, saving time used in trying to figure out about his target audience on PRNewsChannel. Additionally, he talks about the importance of spending life with the family towards achieving success in life. He advises any entrepreneur seeking to have a successful career in business to read “Rich Dap Poor Dad” to understand how money works and how it should work for them.

Make mum a millionaire

Jim Hunt made an announcement of his quest to make his mother a tax-free millionaire through his stock trading system. In the systems that he has created, Mr. Hunt will use a proprietary method to hunt down the stocks and run them as they continue increasing. He, however, clarifies that this system does not rely heavily on how the trading of the stock but on acquiring one that will bring more profits. Jim Hunt will continue posting his progress on YouTube for people to learn.

New Stem Cell Therapy Is Helping Lung Disease Patients

The Lung Institute Breakthrough

The Lung Institute, an organization devoted to the study of lung disease, has announced it will now perform stem cell therapy for its patients. After years of debate and research, stem cells are finally in use among contemporary doctors. According to, the treatments aren’t necessarily a panacea for everything, but they are producing vastly superior results to what doctors are currently able to obtain with conventional methods. Indeed, many patients are finally able to live their lives without the need for an inhaler or oxygen tank. It may have taken some time to develop this procedure, but the results are paying off.

Theory Turns Into Practice

The ultimate theory behind stem cell therapy revolves around the natural healing process of the body. Stem cells are used by the human body to repair damaged tissues and grow new health tissue. The Lung Institute is taking this understanding and using it to stimulate the repair of damaged lung tissue in its patients. Although according to, the initial process is somewhat invasive, there is little need for further intervention once the adult stem cells are injected into affected areas. From that point on doctors can simply observe and record the pattern of the patient’s progress while the patient recovers.

Where Doctors Go From Here

From this point on the current paradigm of the medical world is headed into an entirely new direction. If the Lung Institutes current results hold up over time doctors in other fields of medicine will apply stem cell therapy to their work as well. We may see a future where doctors reject the use of powerful drugs with side effects in favor of stem cells to treat cancer and dementia.

The success stories of the Lung Institute give great examples of exactly why physicians have worked so hard to develop stem cell treatments. There are COPD patients who previously needed oxygen tanks that can now live their lives free from the restraints of their disease. When even more time has passed and the Lung Institute has a better understanding of stem cell therapy, we may see these stories improve. For more information, visit

Women Healthy Lifestyle- Kate Hudson

To make it in the fashion industry is no joke, especially at times when Amazon is taking a 20% control of the e-commerce market. But Kate Hudson of Fabletics is making a name in the fashion sector. Her business has been experiencing a tremendous expansion in the past three years and has been growing at $250 million. The fashion company has been using a subscription mechanism to sell to its customers. The organization uses a simple principle; they already have the knowledge of what their clients want, and they combine their customers desire with suitability. They team knows their target audience like brands that are encouraging.

High-value brands are known to be expensive and of high quality, but recent studies have shown that the combination does not lead to success and it is also not enough to remain in the competition. In its place, things like customer experience, brand appreciation, last-mile-services, gamification elements as well as high-class design are among the significant determiners of building a high-value brand to the current clients in the fashion industry.

Fabletics have been expanding recently, likening themselves to companies like Apple and Warby Parker. This positioning has been of great benefit to them as they can pay for the membership brand and the firm will be opening new physical stores to add to the sixteen stores that they operate in Hawaii, California, Florida, as well as Illinois. According to the General Manager of Fabletic Gregg Throgmartin, the success of the fashion company is attributed to them building and re-imagining a high-class brand from the first day the organization was established. Gregg also mentioned that their membership model is what has enabled them to deliver tailor made services at the half price of their competitors. Mr. Gregg knows well it is much easier to make people happy if one knows what they want.

Fabletics is an online fashion company that deals with women’s sportswear. Fabletics which was founded in 2013 by Cofounders Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler is a subsidiary of JustFab which recently re-branded to the TechyStlye Fashion Group in August 2016. In 2015 the sports fashion house launched their men’s sportswear with Kate’s brother Oliver Hudson. Fabletics has been experiencing a spectacular growth since it was established and within a few years of its existence, it went beyond the manufacturing of sportswear to manufacturing swimsuits and dresses. Fabletics is dedicated to delivering quality products and services to their customers. The organization makes continuous efforts to generate clothes that inspire their clients to remain active in whatever activity. Fabletics is all about inspiration and high-quality designs.

Kate Hudson is the Cofounder of Fabletics; she is also an actress, a mother and a fashion tastemaker. Kate is very passionate about living healthy and inspiring other women to live the same life something that led him to co-found Fabletics. Kate’s mission is to make Activewear as she makes the associating lifestyle more reachable to women. According to her the importance of living healthy is simplicity and positivity.