Capital Group’s New Chairman

In July of 2015, Capital Group, a leading business in investments, carefully picked out and appointed their newest chairman. Timothy Armour, a more than qualified business man, has stepped up to this honoured role with the intention of further helping to steer the company down a successful path.

As an investment group, Capital Group’s goal is clear: work with clients using careful research, and find the best investments for each individual to make. Stocks are read thoroughly, and upstarting companies are taken into consideration as well. No stone is left unturned, and experts in various fields are consulted, all for the benefit of the business’s clients.

Timothy Armour’s succession followed the passing of the late chairman, Jim Rothenberg, and had already been in consideration for years prior. Tim Armour’s credentials only grew as time passed, and continue to do so today. He and the rest of the board members have made clear their goals, to grow Capital Group in the right direction, to continue to make it a better business, not only for clients, but also for the employees, and certainly for the respectable memory of the late chairman.

Tim Armour has been progressively improving the company even before becoming chairman. He advocated for the better transparency of the company, as well as encouraging more interaction with various media outlets. Consequently, Capital Group has experienced a growth of successful investments with clients.

On the Wall Street Journal, Timothy Armour explained his ideals for the company, showing step by step the research and consideration that goes into the process of matching clients with investments, all the while reading the flow of the market. The good and bad are weighed against each other, and sacrifices are determined by how much is given and how much will be received in return. The future is always taken into account, as what might be bad today could be very good tomorrow, and vice versa.


Timothy Armour has made it clear to all that he intends to continue working hard to improve the company even more. Between sales, investments, and client relations over the past several years, he has proved that he can. There is very little doubt that he will continue to do so.

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The WEN by Chaz Revolution

The haircare industry is one of the most popular industries in the world. This multi-billion dollar industry is comprised of hundreds if not thousands of brands which can leave most consumers frustrated. Other frustrations come from the products themselves as they never seem to live up to their hype or potential. According to Wikipedia most haircare products are full of chemical substances that cause a number of unwanted side effects such as dry scalp, flakes, and excess oil. Some of the biggest issues come from the very products we use everyday. Many pomades, shampoo, and conditioners today are loaded with harmful sulfates.

Taking care of your hair isn’t as hard as many may think if we as a people move away from our bad habits. That’s right! The average everyday things people do such as using harsh conditioners and shampoo are destroying your follicles. Hair coloring is another negative when it comes to hair health. Dyes may look good, but with constant use these chemicals will cause breakage, dryness, and split ends. The best things to help reverse these conditions would be to switch to a more organic source. WEN by Chaz is that organic source and it provides you with beneficial ingredients. WEN Hair products are formulated precisely and are backed by facts. The benefits definitely outweigh any negatives as individuals receive:

  • More Manageable Hair
  • More Strength and More Shine
  • Added Moisture

Founder Chaz Dean developed this advanced line as a reflection of his healthy lifestyle. The things you do as a person affects your health, including your hair. Now users will be providing their scalp with toxic-free natural botanicals that gives the user faster results. WEN by Chaz is the future of haircare and Chaz Dean deserves much of the credit. Need WEN Hair care? Visit:

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George Soros reboots Democratic donors after Trump win

Top Democratic donor George Soros, spent millions of dollars in an attempt to elect Hillary Clinton as president. After the election of Donald Trump, George Soros has invited many top big-money donors and leaders of unions and liberal groups, as well as top Democrat leaders to a retreat at Washington’s exclusive Mandarin Oriental hotel.

The conference which lasted three-days was hosted by George Soros founded Democracy Alliance club. The meeting featured appearances by House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison. This meeting is the first major meeting with top Democratic leaders since Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

The gathering will focus on planning full-on warfare against Donald Trump and his First 100 Days Plan, along with a strong focus on gearing up for the 2017 and 2018 elections. Democrats are calling Trump’s 100 day-plan an assault on President Obama’s legacy and their dream for a just nation. George Soros’ retreat comes as many liberals are reconsidering their approach to politics within the realm of political contributions.

Soros and his fellow members of the Democracy Alliance have been a major player in reforming liberal institutions and gearing them more towards a Clinton presidency. Soros and the DA have focused their strategy around the belief that minorities and women would become the rising electorate that would shift elections to Democrats.

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Liberal leaders have taken a look at polling that suggest issues such as fighting climate change and campaign financing are not major issues, which were expected to bring out more voters to the polls. George Soros believes the group does not need to completely retool its approach to politics.

Democracy Alliance along with Soros are beginning the process of analyzing what steps they will take to resist the attacks from the right to take back power, beginning in 2017 and 2018. Democracy Alliance members along with Soros are working on rethinking polling and finding a new approach to winning the working-class vote and urging donors to funneling cash into state legislative policy battles.

George Soros launched the Democracy Alliance was launched following the election of George W. Bush, who spent millions trying to boost John Kerry’s challenge to President George W. Bush. Soros’ goal was to establish advocacy groups and think tanks that could push the party and its leaders to the left while defending them against attacks from the Republican party. The group includes more than 100 financial giants.

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Winning The Retail Game With Gooee IoT Led Smart Hub Lighting

People are more likely to shop when they have coupons, deals and rebates offered to them. One particular problem however is that coupons can be hard to manage for a lot of people who have busy lives. Cutting coupons takes a lot of dedication and remembering to take them to the store at the right time and hand them over at check out requires an increasing amount of focus as people are stuck to their phones. It is a well known fact that a person is more likely to pick something up if it is being offered to them on a sale or a discount, so why not bring the coupons to the shoppers smart phone instead?


WiFi and bluetooth enabled smart phones will soon be able to connect to smart lights or Gooee IoT lights that are also enabled for WiFi and Bluetooth. The micro chip enabled hubs will act not only as light sources but as a way to market to consumers. The sensitive LED lights from Gooee can detect a human in the aisle, and the WiFi chip will market a coupon, deal or advertisement right to the shopper’s smart phone. What better way to streamline the marketing process then to enable it in real time? Consumers and shoppers don’t have time to forget about what was marketed to them hours or days ago because it is happening while they are looking at the product, and they are even more likely to pick it up on sale.

The Leading Market Investment Firm- Madison Street Capital

About the Firm



Madison Street Capital is a market investment banking firm that has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The firm has affiliate offices in Asia, Africa and North America. Madison Street Capital has the experience, extensive relationships, and knowledge that match the top market investment banking firms around the globe. It is one of the leading providers of mergers and acquisition advisory and corporate finance.



Professionals and Services



The firm has a vast base of skilled professionals who has the capability of arranging the capitalization structure and also the appropriate financing to suit very distinct client situations. The professionals also draw on a skill set that provides various financial services that include hedge fund administration, middle market investment banking, corporate advisory, financial asset management, business valuation, financial opinion and valuation for financial reporting.



Madison Street Capital’s professionals greatly understand that situations are different and unique to every client. The professionals have a vast experience and that have given them an edge over everyone else. They have assisted a range of clients in different industries in the world. In all the circumstances, they demand precise recommendations as well as a careful analysis.






Madison Street Capital greatly understands the sensitivity of time of the corporate finance. This gives them the ability to respond tenaciously and quickly to the various opportunities. Their approach creates a corporate finance transaction where the investors and business owners benefit.



The methodology that they apply reflect a substantial experience and expertise in areas of the corporate finance including acquisitions and mergers, market pricing and due diligence, valuation, deal structuring, specialized financing and the design of different alternative exit strategies.



Awards and Recognition



Madison Street Capital has earned many awards and recognitions that include the Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisition Deal and the Refinancing Deal of the Year.



Others include:



  • Boutique Investment Banking Firm
  • The 8th Annual International Merger and Acquisition of the year
  • The 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award of the Year





In many years, Madison Street Capital have helped many clients in hundreds of vertical industries attain their goals in a more timely manner. Their understanding and experiences in the areas of corporate governance and finance have made them the best provider of the financial advisory services. The firm has recently adopted a global view that has given the local businesses an equal emphasis on networks and relationships.



Madison Street Capital has executed all the types of corporate and business financing including early stage businesses, funding for more established firms and early stage businesses. Also, the team is greatly experienced in working capital, growth capital and the accounts receivables financing. Madison Street Capital is headed by Mr. McGaugh. He has a wide experience in the health sector including, pharmaceutical firms, Biotechnology firms, diagnostic imaging firms and Tele-medicine firms.




EOS Lip Balm The Rocky Road To Success

EOS lip balm now one of the most popular lip balms out there especially for the younger generations is something that is still quite new itself on the market compared to its competitors. Its rise in popularity seemed almost effortless but behind the curtain there was a lot of work involved as the market was already over saturated with lip balms by huge companies with big backers. But the girls behind producing the EOS balm were persistent. A lot of their problems came from the fact that stores simply were nervous about putting in their stock. Many stores believed that the buyers would be loyal to the brands they always had thus the product just wouldn’t be bought. Another issue was that men simply just didn’t get it at the beginning, however much of that is due to the fact that the EOS lip balm was designed for women specifically millennial. According to, the makers knew in order for their product to take flight they would have to become experts at advertising and that is exactly what they did as they are now just as advertised as other major lip balms such as chapstick. But marketing went further than the traditional magazines and television the product was sent out to Racked bloggers for reviews on multiple media platforms the EOS lip balm was raved about and soon enough we were taken by storm with the now very popular EOS lip balm.