Women Use Wen By Chaz For Silky Hair

Women have lots of things to do. They have places to go, and many people to see. They want to make sure that they look good, whether they are going casual or formal. For many women, hair poses a problem for them. They never know what products to get for their hair. It may be too dry or too oily. Now, they just need to use one product – Wen by Chaz.

What Is Wen By Chaz, And Why Is It So Good?

WEN by Chaz was designed with women in mind. It is used for all hair types, and many women love it because it is so easy to use. The Wen by Chaz Dean product (http://chazdean.com/) is a shampoo and conditioner in one. A woman only needs to do one step to have beautiful hair.

Is Wen By Chaz Safe To Use?

Yes, Wen by Chaz is safe to use. A woman should follow the directions that come with the product for the best results. She will see an improvement in her hair in a very short time. This is because with continued use, her hair will have a bounce and shine to it like never before. She will love the results that she gets when she uses Wen by Chaz.

Wen by Chaz works so well that many women stock up when they purchase the product. They always have some extra bottles on hand, and they even give them away as gifts for special occasions during the year. They love the product, and they know that it gives the best results of any of the other products in the marketplace. Visit the Wen Facebook page and Twitter for more info as well as updates!




The Benefits Of Decorating With LED Lights

The holiday season is just around the corner, and there is a big possibility you are planning to decorate with string lights. String lights are very popular among households but can still cause a bit of stress. You can reduce the stress by switching from traditional to Gooee’s LED lights this holiday season.

Consumes Less Energy: LED lights consume less energy than traditional lights. You can lower your electricity bill during the holiday season, which means you have more money to spend on holiday festivities.

Easy To Install: You can connect up to 25 strings of LED lights end-to-end. The lights use less energy and will not overload your wall socket.

LED Lights Are Sturdy: LEDs are not made with glass like traditional string lights. LED lights are made with epoxy lenses and do not break easily.

Last For Years: LED lights are sturdier and use less electricity than traditional lights, and you may find yourself using the same string of lights many years from now.

Safer To Use: LED lights are cooler than traditional lights, which prevents burns or combustion.

Gooee is a lighting system company in partnership with manufacturers such as Architectural FX and Gerard Lighting. The company uses smart sensors, wireless mesh control and an enterprise gateway to deliver information on your lighting system. You can figure out what type of lighting to use or set the motion sensors for a specific room.

You can create an affordable and stress-free holiday season by switching to LED string lights.

I Really Do Enjoy Using FreedomPop For Their Unlimited Phone Service

I’m a person who has to read a review whenever I want to join up with a new service that I am not familiar with. The only times when a review doesn’t really matter to me is when a company has a long history and well-known reputation. I chose to read a FreedomPop review because I wasn’t certain about the company and had really never heard of them before, outside of seeing their ads placed here and there. I liked what I saw in the review I was reading, and the review was updated for 2016, so I knew everything was accurate.

I read that there is a free phone service that is offered by FreedomPop, and the free service is very beneficial to anyone who wants to save money. The only thing about the free service is that it only has 200 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages, and the data is limited to 200 MB. Although FreedomPop has several ways to earn extra data for free, I knew I would need a lot more data than what the free service was offering. The paid service is better because it offers unlimited talk and text.

Even though I could do with unlimited talk time and text messages, the data is limited to 500 MB per month on the paid service that costs $10.99 per month. Again, the data limit was not suffice for me, so I chose to get the unlimited service for $19.99. FreedomPop has an incredible unlimited service that costs under $20 and is the same service that many other carriers offer for $30 more. I used to have a service that was exactly the same and cost me $60 each month, so why was I overpaying $40 for the same service?

Similar to my other company, FreedomPop offers 1 GB of 4G LTE data with their plan, and unlimited 3G data will commence after the 4G data has been used, which is still something that I like. I’m not only saving $40 per month for the service but also being able to use as much data as I can throughout the month. Since 3G speeds used to be considered the fastest speeds, I never had a problem with going down to 3G speeds after using my 4G data, so I really do love using FreedomPop and their great unlimited cell phone service.

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Mike Baur And The Swiss Startup Factory Help Match Entrepreneurs With Opportunity

Mike Baur is one of the Chief Executive Officer’s and co-founders for the Swiss Startup Factory company. Since launching in 2014, the company has been working to help young entrepreneurs get started with their journey to find success and start their own businesses. The company has built up a large network that allows them to collaborate and offer opportunities to people on an international level. They offer an accelerator program to help their clients for a three month span, during which the client is coaching and mentored with the proper strategies for building and maintaining a business.


The Swiss Startup Factory not only tries to help young entrepreneurs get started, but they also try to help them build networks of their own. They want help take startup ideas and make them a reality for these young business people. They also want to help existing businesses stay in business by steering them int he right direction and teaching them the methods to build over the long term. The Swiss Startup Factory provides one of the best accelerator programs in the business, which goes the extra mile to ensure each clients is coached and mentored with the proper methods. Oliver Walzer, Max Meister, and Mike Baur, the founders of the company, made this their mission when they first launched their company. Over the course of the companies expansion and growth, many people have been involved to help Mike’s vision come true.


When it comes to private banking and investing, Mike Baur is a highly regarded expert, as he has spent more than 20 years in the industry building his experience in Switzerland. Today he stands as a member of the executive board at one of the most prestigious private banks in Switzerland. Since the Swiss Startup Factory was first launched, is has managed to come a long way and help many people, which has made it one of the leading accelerator companies within Switzerland today that is privately funded. Mike Baur has no plans on stopping yet either, as he wants to continue to build his company and the opportunities he offers to young people and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Atlanta Hawk Team sell team to the Antony Ressler – Grant Hill Group

The ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks is in its final stages in finalizing the sale of the team to Antony Ressler’s group. Antony is an investment fund manager and equity billionaire. This information was leaked to ESPN by three people familiar with the sales process. The individuals requested obscurity because they were not sanctioned to speak about the process before it was complete publicly.

The Antony Ressler’s group, which included former NBA players Jesse Itzler and Grant Hill, Marquis Jet co-founder, is buying the Atlanta Hawks from Michael Gearon Jnr., Bruce Levenson, and other investors in the deal for $850 million.

Itzler’s wife, Spanx founder, and Rice partner Rick Schnall & Clayton Dubilier and Steven Starker, BTIG co-founder are part of the group headed by Ressler. NBA owners will approve the sale process of the team but are expected.

On Wednesday evening, the Hawks announced the sealing of the deal. “We are extremely thrilled and honored to be chosen as the new stewards of the Atlanta Hawks team,” Said Ressler in a statement. “We respect the approval of NBA, therefore, can say less than we are excited by the success of the Atlanta Hawks so far and support them in their next playoffs.

Irwin Raij, Foley & Lardner law representative, facilitated the entire sales process and other sports franchise, said that the sale price is one of the strongest in the market. “This price reflects NBA’s product strength and what can become of the market views,” said the attorney. “This will take into account the local and national media deals and the increasing trend in NBA teams’ valuations. This price will be viewed positively in the market. Gearon, Levenson, and other members purchased the Hawks and the Philips Arena operating rights for $250 million in 2004, and the Thrashers were sold in 2011 for $170 million. Source: brucelevenson website.