Fabletics Wants To Support People With Breast Cancer

Techstyle announced that Fabletics has partnered with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer to help people who are struggling the the disease today. The charity is a very good place to come when women need assistance with breast cancer, and it also helps women who are recovering from the disease. Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson to bring athleisure to the market, but the company wants to do more than just make clothes. The company wants to support women with breast cancer, and they are joining with other fashion brands who are trying to do the same.

Kate Hudson supports the regular working mom who could be hit with breast cancer at any time, and she wants to be sure that a woman who is trying to live her life can do it comfortably. She started Fabletics with a vision of a company that could help women do a lot in one day without being overwhelmed. There are many people who are wearing Fabletics every day because it takes them from the house to the gym and beyond. They are supporting breast cancer research with every purchase, and Fabletics plans to stay in this realm for as long as possible.

Fabletics is a very good company for women who want to dress well, and they will look their best in something that is casual and comfortable. The company is supporting breast cancer research by offering their name to the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer charity. They want to make sure that all the people who are fighting breast cancer have some kind of support. It is very easy for people to fight when they have people behind them, and Fabletics wants to be behind every woman to show them that they have a better life ahead of them. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is bringing together Fabletics and all its friends for a good cause.

Learn more about Fabletics: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics

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Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity Pushing to Make Affordable Home Ownership a Reality

Dallas Neighborhood Homes has partnered with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to provide affordable housing loan programs to families living in Southern Dallas. The goal of the partnership is to give out at least 100 loans annually within the next five years. especially to low-income households living in specific areas or zip codes in the Southern Dallas area.

Providing financial support to the project is NexBank (NexBank SSB), a regional bank based in Dallas. The financial institution is set to provide $50 million worth of loans to support the growth of the program over the next five years.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes will lend the funding provided by NexBank to interested home buyers who have low-income or those with limited access to mortgages. In conjunction, Habitat for Humanity will also offer financial counseling services to better equip those who will take part in the program. Moreover, NexBank will also pay all title fees and closing costs per loan for closings made through the banks affiliate.

People behind this amazing project are extremely grateful for the role NexBank has chosen to play in their endeavor. According to Mark Tribuna, Senior VP of Mortgage Operations at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, the Dallas-based bank has made it possible for them to help improve the lives of families by providing affordable homes to people who are in great need.

NexBank’s charter dates back to 1922. To date, they have now become a credible regional bank with assets reaching over $3.5 billion. They are well known for providing commercial banking services and mortgage banking. They serve the needs of institutional clients, financial institutions, and various corporations all over the country. The bank is a part of the NexBank Capital Inc., a reputable financial services company that provides customized banking and financial services to leading institutions worldwide.

Nexbank is committed to providing their own brand of leadership and dedication at every given opportunity. Every solution or service they provide is tailormade to the specific needs of every client, whether big or small.

Nathaniel Ru Finds Success in Sweetgreen


Nowadays, every Georgetown student knows the name, “Sweetgreen“. Whether they’re there for a quick lunch or a fast snack, every student knows it as a must-visit destination in DC.


At the beginning of their senior year, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet realized there was a limited amount of options in the area for both healthy and affordable food. They bonded over the idea of creating a business that would solve that problem.


Not one of them had much experience in the industry, or any idea on what it took to build a business. Their lack of experience surprisingly became the key to their success, giving them the ability to approach every problem they had with a fresh look.


Their original location, a small space of only 500 square feet, made these young businessmen think on a creative level to accomplish their goal: Committing to sustainability and quality ingredients. They had limited resources, so they sought advice from different areas of expertise like restaurant owners, the faculty at Georgetown and architects.


Through their business classes at school they learned the extreme importance of having a value-drive business and understood how the culture of the community surrounding it had a great impact. Reflecting those values, the founders made sure to incorporate community service into their business and it is still a value that holds true today.


Sweetgreen in Schools” is a program created to educate children about healthy living through hands-on activities and workshops. This program has had more than 20,000 children participate and is still continuing to expand to other cities.


Sweetgreen has five company core values that have attribute to their success: “Add the sweet touch”, “Think sustainably”, “Win, win, win”, “Keep it real” and “Make an impact”. Sweetgreen believes in its product and believes a genuine human connection attributes to their ever-growing success.


In regards to opening new locations, co-founder, Nathaniel Ru, claims that how they enter the market is just as important as how many locations they do. According to him, they try to stay away from other fast food chains because they feel it sets them apart in a natural way.


Nathaniel Ru says that Sweetgreen meets farmers before meeting location landlords, since they need to first find a reliable, quality supply chain before opening the store. Instead of demanding particular crops, they ask what the farmers are growing and use the crops available. This cuts down on food waste and exposes customers to new things.


David Osio Expands his Charitable Giving

David Osio is a successful financial expert based in the US. For the last twenty years, he has worked in partnership with several non-profit making organizations in order to better the lives of people in the community, support art and culture in different companies and many other activities. Most of the organizations he partners with are close to his businesses in a way. His main aim as a businessman is to grow financial services, and he also wants to expand his support to these charitable organizations, especially on a global scale when his business grows.

When he was working for the famous Orchestra Board, David Osio did a lot in order to support the Miami Symphony Orchestra, commonly known as MISO. According to Osio, funds are given to the organization every year. David says that what motivates him to give funds to the organization is the fact that it remains in the market, serving people and bring joy to the communities around them. Being part of these operations through donations brings a lot of satisfaction to the David Osio and his team.

For many years, David Osio has also shown his unending support for an international foundation known as The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. David serves as the traditional sponsor at the EPK events that are held every year to support the organizations. According to him, any support given to medical research for children counts. He hopes that people who are lucky to be wealthy will come together and contribute funds that will make a difference in the lives of these young people.

David Osio is known to many as the famous founder of a company known as Davos Financial Group. Osio is also the CEO of the group, and he has worked very hard to ensure that it increases its revenue. The company has done well, both in the domestic and the international market. The income levels in the company have grown in the recent past. The geographic expansion of the enterprise is also significant, thanks to the leadership skills portrayed by Osio. The company is now in some of the most strategic cities in the world such as Lisbon, Geneva, New York City, Panama City, and Miami.

This year, David Osio wants to make sure all the cities where his businesses operate continue to blossom in charitable growth. His main aim is to ensure that individuals who come from low-income families in the country live a better life.

Lip Balms That Will Leave Your Lips Feeling Kissably Soft

There are so many lip balms on the market. Tinted, non-tinted – there are so many options that choosing a lip balm can feel overwhelming. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help you take some of the guesswork out of choosing a lip balm. Here are some of our favorite lip balms for you to try.

  1. Evolution of Smooth lip balms are a great option for those looking for a lip balm that leave your lips feeling soft, without leaving your lips feeling greasy.

EOS lip balm organic spheres contain shea butter and vitamin E, are the perfect ingredients for healing chapped lips. These original EOS spheres glide on clear and smooth, making it a great basic lip balm. Their spheres are a solid color, and they are found at most major retailers and drugstores. https://www.walmart.com/ip/eos-Evolution-of-Smooth-Strawberry-Sorbet-Wildberry-Lip-Balms-2-count/46532012

If you’re looking for a little extra something in your lip balm, then you should try one of the Shimmer Smooth spheres, they add just a little shimmer to your lips for a dressier look.

  1. Burt’s Bees lip balm is a lip balm that is known for quality, organic ingredients. Burt’s Bee’s classic lip balm contains beeswax. Many of their balms contain jojoba oil and shea butter.

There is also a line of tinted balms from Burt’s Bees, pomegranate being one of the most popular flavors.

  1. Baby Lips lip balm by Maybelline is a great balm to use if you’re looking for a long-lasting lip balm. Baby Lips is supposed to last up to 8 hours, which is great for busy people. This lip balm is available in light tints that are flattering for almost any skin tone.

All of these lips balms provide great quality at reasonable prices. So the next time you’re online shopping on Ulta or Lucky Vitamin for a lip balm, you won’t be overwhelmed, and you’ll find a balm you’ll love.

Norka Luque, a Voice of Hope to Those Facing Adversity

When one thinks of musicians who are more focused on passing positive messages than making money, very few names come to mind. Norka Luque, however, is a shining example of such a musician. Born in Caracas, Venezuela on February 7, 1986, Norka has overcome personal challenges, which have helped mold her career.


Norka Martinez Luque was musical from an early age, and with the support of her parents started piano, voice and ballet lessons. She went to France for her college education, to study Business Administration. Norka earned degrees in Marketing, Fashion, and Culinary Arts. Her musical dream, however, continued to burn within her, and while in France she joined a band called Bad Moon Rising.


Norka then moved to the United States to further her education. While she was in Miami, she met Emilio Estefan Jr. who showed interest in her music and offered to be her producer. This proved to be her big break.

In 2011, she released her first single, “Como lo Haces Tu” (As you do), which was composed by Archie Peña. This single got her a nomination for Female Pop Artist of the Year in the Lo Nuestro Awards. She went on to release “Milagro” (Miracle) in 2012. Archie Peña, the Ricardo Brothers, and Alberto Gaitan produced Milagro. It has since been released in a salsa version, a dance version and an urban remix version.


Norka Luque has a message to share with the world through Milagro. She previously overcame a personal crisis, one that made her realize that life is a miracle. The message in Milagro is for those who are going through similar situations, reminding them that there is hope beyond the painful experience. Norka has since then embraced positive lyrics in all her music, to give hope and encouragement to her fans.


In 2014, Norka suffered another personal health crisis, which led her to have brain surgery in 2015. She has however recovered fully, and has released another hit single, “Tomorrowland,” in 2016. The title of this single conveys the positive attitude she has towards what lies ahead for her in her career.


Despite all she has been through, Norka still believes that her destiny is music and that the words she uses must always pass on a positive message to her fans. It is no wonder that she believes that genres and styles of music should be dynamic, but the message transmitted to people must remain the same.


Follow Norka at twitter https://twitter.com/norkaluque

Gooee LED Lighting Is Useful

Did you just move into a new home, and you are in need of lighting for your rooms? You will want to look into the Gooee LED Lighting products. These items will give you just the right look for what you need, and they will save you dollars on your bill for electricity. When you have the right lights for your home, you will be proud that made something look so nice that is also very practical.

The Company Offers A Great Selection Of Gooee LED Lighting

There are many choices that you can pick from when you are looking at the Gooee LED Lighting fixtures. Pick the ones that will make your home look beautiful and practical.

Look Over The Prices For The Gooee LED Lighting

When you start shopping for your Gooee LED Lighting, you will find that there are different prices for the items. Find the one that goes with your budget and fits the needs in your home. Sales and discounts also help when you are ready to purchase.

Gooee Smart Lighting is an excellent choice for you. The company is proud to offer you products that they guarantee. They have designed them for your use, and they want you to be happy with them. Understand that if you have any problems with your Gooee LED Lighting, you should contact them. They have people that can help you with any questions that you might have about the lights.