Mike Baur- The Ultimate Entrepreneur

There are many different businesses and businessmen out there looking for potential funds and investments to either start or grow their dreams. Mike Baur is truly someone who tries to help people accomplish their dreams. A Swiss entrepreneur and businessman, he has been working in banking for the past few decades. He has worked for leaders in the industry including Clariden Leu and Sallfort. After gaining substantial knowledge and experience in the industry, he left these companies to begin investing in startup companies. In 2014 he founded the Swiss Startup Factory with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Baur even attended the START Summiteer, where people came to pitch various ideas for startup companies in a competition for funding from the Swiss Startup Factory. There, Baur witnessed firsthand the work his Swiss Startup Factory could accomplish with these young budding businessmen.


Since starting the Swiss Startup Factory, Baur has partnered his new factory with several major companies and businesses in an effort to acquire more funding for the startup companies funded by the Swiss Startup Factory. Since 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory has been based in Zurich looking for the best and brightest young digital entrepreneurs with the drive and talent to take their companies to the next level. Swiss Startup Factory has an extensive network of connections in Switzerland and around the globe to help the young entrepreneurs make their dreams come true and change the world. The Swiss Startup Factory has pioneered a three month accelerator program. Here, a platform is provided for coaching, services, mentoring, and logistical help such as office space in the heart of one of the major cities of the world along with an extensive network to help these individuals realize their dreams.


While there are many individuals out there with the means to help fund and mentor young talent, Mike Baur has truly done this. He has taken his time and money to actually develop an organization that fosters young talent with the resources and drive to succeed. Baur derives from firsthand knowledge and experience with starting companies to pass down his wisdom to the generation coming up behind him. Under his leadership, the Swiss Startup Factory has helped develop countless young entrepreneurs who have worked hard to achieve their dreams and change the world. Baur’s commitment to startup companies and young businesses is unparalleled with the results and track record to back it up.


Kate Hudson Creates Women Fabletics Athletic Wear Brand

Women’s fashion is about looking good all the time. Of course, when women work out, they might feel vulnerable – they may be trying to improve the look of their bodies. Thankfully, popular actress Kate Hudson has co-founded the hot new Fabletics line for women, who want to look great at the gym and during leisure time.

“Athleisure Fashion is Hot”

Career women might have a long day at work and simply want to relax after getting home. Some business women like the girls at thekrazycouponlady.com might take a jog or hit the gym, before they start the day. They want athleisure apparel, which feels comfortable on their bodies.

The “athleisure trend is absolutely on fire,” exclaims Fabletics president of retail Gregg Throgmartin. More affluent women are able to purchase premium clothing. Health conscious females also want these fashionable clothing items and accessories.

Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson understands exactly what this market niche requires. Women want to look good while they workout. They need clothes that are flexible, fashionable and comfortable. Fabletics fits the bill.

“Affordable Premium AthleticWear”

The goal of Fabletics has been to sell premium athleticwear at an affordable price. The brand’s slogan is “Premium quality with prices you’ll love.” Also, Fabletics uses “Premium fabrics that won’t break the bank.”

House wives also want to look good at home. Instead of getting all made up and putting on their long dresses, they can just toss on a Fabletics Oula Tank & Salar Capri. They can also relax more easily while they run around after their kids.

This top athletic brand offers superior leggings with chafe-resistant design, along with moisture & sweat-wicking fabric. These are fashion-forward pieces that look great from the workout studio to the street. Fitness is fashionable – show you care about your body and the world around you.

“Now Available at Mall of America”

Previously, an “online only” brand, Fabletics activewear and accessories are expanding to brick-and-mortar shops. In fact, it has opened a high-profile store at the Mall of America. Fabletics is on pace to do $250 million in sales for 2016.

Moreover, Fabletics is expanding its product line to swimwear and dresses. This fabulous fashion brand has been featured on Elle, Glamour, Self, Shape, and People. Develop your own personalized style with fabulous, athletic wear. If you want to look and feel fabulous, check out Fabletics.

A Sweet Setup: Sweetgreen and Cofounder Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru and his friends spent their college downtime searching tirelessly for quick yet healthy food options. But if you have to search for something enough, and to no avail- the most efficient answer lies in creating the answer yourself. And thus, his senior year at Washington D.C.’s Georgetown University, the idea for Sweetgreen was born. Some eight years later, the convenient but health-conscious concept initially housed in a single, 520 square-foot tavern downtown, has burgeoned into a successful and stylish chain that continues to maintain its farm-to-table freshness it all started with.


Sweetgreen’s core is a sweet setup all the way around, and not just in its hefty salad offerings (kale, mesclun, cabbage, spinach, quinoa, romaine, wild rice, farro, or arugula for your base?). The restaurant was built on being healthy for both customer and the earth, and accordingly, sustainability is crucially emphasized. Besides sourcing produce locally, this stress on sustainability can also be witnessed in the raw architecture of each individual store. Examples of such include bits of reclaimed hickory, barn board pine, and even bowling alley tables. How’s that for recycling?


Likewise, Sweetgreen is more than just a trendy, metro dive for smoothies and quinoa; it’s an experience. Sweetgreen stresses the importance of community, and as such, makes certain to partner with local farmers and producers as much as possible. Community, however, is not just built in the background for this prospering establishment, but in the foreground. Besides an array of sit-down salads to choose from, Sweetgreen also contends a pretty impressive line of juices, keeping its atmosphere social. The chain strives for outreach in schools to educate kids about fitness and the benefits of healthy eating. Sweetgreen now also sponsors their own musical festival, Sweetlife, with this year’s headliners including The 1975, Halsey, Flume, Blondie, Grimes, and Wolf Alice. The fest doesn’t discriminate on its food lineup either, featuring offerings from both Sweetgreen and -in the truest sense of community- other fresh and local juicers, bakers, grillers, sushi-rollers, and crepiers alike.


It’s no wonder why this keen conglomerate of quality business and marketing got Nathaniel Ru and his Sweetgreen comrades featured in Forbes magazine 30 Under 30 for Food and Wine, in addition to Wine Magazine’s 40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and Under. His endeavor to present a product true to its core values through and through is obvious, and no matter the amount of locations that spring up, he plans to keep it that way. Ru has successfully combined passion with trade, and in searching for his own well-being, has created a more ease-of-access outlet of well-being for others for a sweet experience that values both deliciousness and sustainability.