The Work Of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a graduate of Cornell University. He has acquired a PhD, Masters and a Bachelor in engineering. He also hold a number of patents, which includes telecommunication and media. Kheradpir was on the advisory board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology and Cornell University Engineering Council.

In 2015, Coriant made Shaygan Kheradpir their Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. This role is not new to him, he has been prepping for his debut for quite awhile. He is coming from the Marlin Equity Partners, which is a Private Equity Company and Coriantis it’s parent company. Coriant is a combination of Nokia, Tellabas and part of the Sycamore Networks.

Coriant is elated to have him take over this new position because they know that he can only be a valuable asset to the company and can take them to incredible heights. Kheradpir comes with twenty eight years of experience in telecommunication, technology and financial services. He began at GTE Laboratories, which is now known as Verizon, after a merge with Bell Atlantic.While there he was responsible for routing, management and control before he was appointed as Chief Information Officer. He was also known as the man who kept his promises on timely delivery.

Kheradpir has also worked at Barclays in the capacity of Chief Operations and Technology Officer, additionally as a member of their Executive Committee. He headed up there transform program. They wanted customers to make them their “Go to Bank”. It changed how they did business and also explained exactly what their business was about. Under his tenure there were one hundred and fifty thousand employees working in fifty countries globally. At one time he worked for Juniper Networks, there he focused on cloud building and high IQ Networking. To read more about Kheradpir, visit:

Coriant began operations in 2013 and have their headquarters in Munich, Germany and another in Naperville, Illinois in the United States. The telecommunication company make sure that the network that companies are using preforms well and is efficient to meet their demands. Their services also include consultations, engineering methods and so much more. Their execution is based on their customers performance. The company offers their customer many different options. So whatever option the customer chooses, Coriant makes sure that it compliments and meet their business goals.

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IAP Services Expands Its Reach

In a move to broaden their business operations, IAP Worldwide Services Inc. has purchased DRS Technologies Inc.’s Aviation and logistics business located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In Addition, IAP also bought DRS’s Tactical Communications and Network Solutions located in the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

IAP’s new Aviation and logistics business will provide repair management services, mission support, and logistics while their newly acquired Tactical Communications and Network Solutions company will be available to provide engineering and IT solutions along with communications support to the United States Department of Defense and other government agencies that IAP serves. IAP’s plan for these various companies is to integrate their one of a kind capabilities into the services that IAP already provides.  Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

Their plan for these acquisitions is to increase the capabilities that IAP already delivers to its global clientele. As a consequence of these new companies coming under IAP’s operational umbrella, they will more than double the size of the customer base that they will be able to serve.

These companies that they have acquired are also a natural fit as they naturally are expanding specific sets of services and solutions to the various government agencies and organizations that IAP Worldwide serve. Because of the overall specific uses, they will all be integrated into a new unit that will be known as IAP’s Aviation and Engineering unit.

IAP Worldwide has been one of the leading international services companies for over 50 years providing a large array of benefits and results to not only United States agencies like the defense department but to a host of other international organizations as well. They are universally recognized as a world class leader in program management and a provider of safe and reliable solutions that meet a host of diverse and complex customer challenges and needs.

IAP Worldwide is also a leading provider of solutions to world scale logistic challenges. They can provide advanced professional and technical services and with over 2,000 employees in 25 countries they are completely capable of solving almost any public or private sector challenge.

For them to engage in the unexpected is a daily notion and because of their history, they are able at a moment’s notice to plan, coordinate and carry out almost any complicated logistical or technical challenge. They can operate and completely manage a military installation that is the size of a small city, a large civilian installation or even a remote research or development laboratory. Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

On their watch, it’s just another day to engage in the unexpected that range from cleaning up after natural disasters to managing a battlefield. For over 60 years they have built a reputation as being a responsive and reliable market leader exceeding all of their client’s expectations. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services – ViaSat

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Securus Technologies set out to Release of Global Tel Link Scams Against its Customer

Most inmate communication services providers provide reasonable services at a fair price to their clients. However, to others, it seems their goal is to cheat and gouge customers; this appears to be the case regarding Global Tel Link. According to PR Newswire, Securus Technologies has set out to release reports and findings that indicate a breach of integrity through wrongful and unlawful practices by Global Tel Link (GTL).


Securus will review various misconduct practices that violate integrity and through press release share with the public in an attempt to compel GLT to act with higher integrity. This came after it was discovered that GTL was using unscrupulous methods to generate profit from the correctional industry. I firmly support Securus move since it will compel GTL to reform its practices and policy and improve services to prisoners, family members, and society.

For long, Securus Technologies has been renowned for operating under the philosophy of serving and connecting. Through their wide range of solutions, it is evident that their mission primarily goes beyond making money, and focuses more on their client’s interest. Due to sound business practices, Securus has been listed on Better Business Bureau sites.

According to findings by Public Service Commission investigations in Louisiana Correctional Facilities, GTL installed a telephone’s clock that was programmed in such a way it increases the duration of each call by 15 or 36 seconds. This is very unacceptable. Even after the calls were rated, GTL continued to inflate charges to its customers. Moreover, it has been reported that GTL had specialized in billing a single call several times; this can be viewed as a scheme to overcharge its clients unlawfully.

A phone call to GTL national headquarter went unanswered, and the GTL is yet to respond to these findings. What GTL was doing is inexcusable. Swindling customers should not be tolerated in any industry.

Awards in Online Reputation Management

Darius Fisher, co-founder of Status labs, has received the honor of PR World Awards, Business development Individual of the Year. The annual award recognizes the world’s best in public relations, marketing, investor relations, and business development from every major industry around the globe.

Who is Status Labs?

Status Labs, is an international reputation management company. They are also involved with digital marketing. Fisher helped push Status Labs’ market position by offering a new digital service and building a huge client base of Fortune 500 companies and popular public figures around the globe. Status Labs has experienced a major surge in revenues under Fisher’s leadership.

Fisher is a strong motivator for his employees with incentives, performance awards, and by using community service opportunities as regular notices. Status Labs located in Austin, Texas with additional offices in New York and San Paulo. They work with over 1500 clients in 35 different countries.

Why Status Labs is Important?

Maintaining your company’s online presence is seriously important these days. Having a knowledgeable SEO team working to keep you in the top Google rankings is critical to business success. Managing all comments and responses are important. Even false claims can damage your reputation online. The goal of Status Labs is to keep you looking your absolute best in an extremely competitive world.

The first page of a Google search gives a major important first impression to customers. Status Labs will make sure you are making a good first impression and keeping it as time goes on. They monitor sites to make sure there are no surprises. They can help maintain the reputation of your company or of you, through a variety of proven techniques. If you hire a professional to handle your online and offline reputation, you can spend your time successfully running your business.

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Madison Street Capital COO Receives A Tremendous Honor From The Industry

Madison Street Capital co-founder and COO Anthony Marsala has been given the honor of being selected as one of The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts 40 under forty for this year. The honor is one of great distinction because of the extensive and competitive selection process that the ncbas goes through to select it’s candidates and then it’s honorees. The list is made up of the forty most promising, accomplished, remarkable, and exciting people under forty who have made their mark or at the very least a lasting impression on any category within the field of accounting and financial consulting. Only the most extraordinary out of a list of highly qualified and remarkable nominees are ultimately chosen and Madison Street Capital is certainly proud to see its high ranking officer qualify to receive such an honor.

Because of their dedication to excellence and innovation in the industry the NACVA only wants to include the best of the best on their lists. It isn’t surprising that Anthony Marsala’s experience and accomplishments helped him standout in such a distinguished crowd of his colleagues. Marsala is a graduate of both Loyola University and Oxford where he studied finance, information systems, and strategy. His education in these fields has served him extremely well in his fifteen years of experience working with Madison Street Capital. Marsala oversees the firm’s interests on several continents and is in charge of MSC’s due diligence and analytical teams that work on all business valuations for Madison Street Capital. Marsala is well versed in business valuations having done countless throughout his career for companies and organizations of various size and in varying industries.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm dedicated to providing its clients with the highest standard of service and expertise. The firm is committed to operating with morality, integrity, and excellence and believes that it’s value of these qualities is what makes the firm standout as a leader in the industry. Madison Street Capital provides it’s clients with corporate financial advisory, access to a global marketplace, and valuation services and serves businesses that are both publicly and privately held. The firm is also able to assist clients in mergers and acquisitions due to its expertise in the area. Madison Street Capital considers the needs and goals of each client in developing its plan to be as effective and successful as possible in working for and with them.

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How The Midas Legacy Can Help Improve Your Life

If you have been struggling to handle your investing or financial management tasks on your own, you know how difficult it can be. Without expert guidance, you can waste valuable time and even risk losing a lot of money in the process. It is advisable to turn the responsibility of researching opportunities over to someone else. Hiring the expertise of a wealth management firm is the right way to do it.

The Midas Legacy is a well known company in the area of wealth management advisory. The company has been around for many years and has provided services to clients around the globe. Their database of satisfied clients and customers keeps growing at an astronomical rate and is proof that the company knows what it’s doing.

People want to have reliable guidance and advice when it comes to investments, wealth management, financial solutions and related matters. It is advisable to rely on a company that has a track record of rendering high quality financial solutions and wealth management advisory to clients.

The Midas Legacy’s clients and members include individuals who are looking for ways to make more money, start a business, invest in the stock market, get into the real estate industry, or manage their wealth. These people are either beginners in the field of wealth building, or they have already started and are looking for ways to diversify their assets or increase their wealth.

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Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

Some of their members are those who are looking for effective treatments or cures for various diseases and health conditions. There are also those who simply want to maintain optimal health and live a happier life.

The Midas Legacy is fully committed to providing life enhancing and enrichment products and solutions, as well as advice on certain issues to meet their members’ needs. If you fall into any of these categories of people, rest assured that the resources provided by The Midas Legacy can be of benefit to you.

The business systems, wealth building solutions, health improvement products and life enhancement information provided by The Midas Legacy, are designed by experts in their various fields. If you have any questions, simply contact The Midas Legacy, and their experts can assist you further.

To join The Midas Legacy, have a look around their website and follow the links to their sign-up page and you can be on your way to a richer, more fulfilling life.

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