Lufthansa to Halt Flights to Venezuela

A major European airline, Lufthansa, has just announced it will stop flying to Venezuela, CNN Money reports.
When President Maduro declared freezing of prices of certain commodities, shortages became the new norm. The Venezuelan government also controls foreign exchange with several tiers at which hard currencies can be acquired. This often hits at businesses, one of which is Lufthansa. These rate policies are not only complicated, but often disadvantageous.

Another reason for closing the route is the lack of interest from business people. As Venezuela is falling deeper into economic crisis according to Slideshare, and with inflation rate expecting to reach 700% this year, fewer companies are doing business with this Latin American country.

Yet another reason for halting flights is related to frequent power outages says expert David, making doing all sorts of business much more difficult. Finally, increasing crime rates make it dangerous to visit Venezuela at this time.

Other airlines such as Alitalia, Delta, American Airlines, and Air Canada have acted as well by reducing the number of flights.


Andy Wirth Contribution In Squaw Valley Ski Resort And The Reno-Tahoe Airport

The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation is a nonprofit initiative begun June 2001 by a Regional Air Service Committee of the region. In 2015, it was made a corporation marking the start of new traffic. Read more:  Special Warfare Warrior | Andy Wirth’s Fundraiser and Andy Wirth –

It aims at identifying prospective flights in the area providing valuable information to the airport. The Committee comprises nine members who form the board. Andy Wirth was chosen chairperson of The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority back in July 2013.

He recently began airline services with JetBlue Company and also Alaska Airlines air service. They formed a board of nine members of staff forming the RSCVA team. With the help of an Air Service Committee, the responsibility was to manage air service in the region, providing valuable incentives to attract tourists increasing flights.

Andy Wirth had accumulated adequate work experience in the sporting field back in Squaw Valley. He promised to improve Tourism in the area and enhance the number of flights it serves.

North of Lake Tahoe sits Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley. The view gives California snow-covered scenery of a valley surrounded by five high peaks. Towards the end of the valley is the resort. It is linked up by a long staircase up the mountain and chairlifts which hover above the valley. People can move up and down the valley getting a clear view of the terrain.

Andy Wirth is the present CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which was formerly Alpine Meadows ski resorts. He manages tourism activities in this region. Wirth also supports community-based initiatives and has a deep passion for the environment. He was a skydiver in the area until he injured his arm it the profession.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort staircase has granite sides giving the exterior finishing a seemingly nice touch. Towards the bottom of the ranges is a proposed site for the water-based resort. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Following the amendment of this proposal, over 300,000 tourists are expected every year. Other snow sports can also take place in the region. Between November and April, numerous mild snow storms occur bringing an appeal to more tourists in the area.

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Former Client Gives Wen By Chaz A Shot

I still remember the day like yesterday one of my former clients walked in with amazingly full hair. I was shocked an amazed. I wasn’t doubting that she shouldn’t have pretty hair but I was shocked because I remembered just a few months earlier her hair was fine and very thin so I always struggled to give her the full hair she often desired. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel I was technical enough to do her hair the way she wanted but her hair just wouldn’t hold well to heat or styles so I wasn’t sure how she suddenly had such full hair.

As she sat in m chair she let me know that she had stumbled across an article in Bustle about a blogger who decided to give WEN hair By Chaz a try. This sephora marketed 3 in 1 hair product worked wonders on the bloggers hair as she had first started off with thin and fine hair. By the end of 7 days her hair was the fullest it had ever been. My former client told me it was the article that inspired her to try Wen By Chaz available on Amazon and she was completely satisfied with the results and looking at her I could see exactly why she was.

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FreedomPop And WhatsApp Get Together For A New Partnership

FreedomPop is the best companies for getting an affordable phone plan, and everyone who is trying to get an affordable phone plan needs to make sure that they go with FreedomPop and this new plan from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a great way for people to get in touch with others, and now they are going to use it without using data on the FreedomPop network. It is very important for people to get something that is going to be cheap for them to use, and it is going to be much better than any other plan out there.

There are a lot of people who need to be able to use a phone for free, and they will be able to use those plans according to Venture Beat. It will be totally free to all users, and they will still be able to make the calls they need to make.

FreedomPop is a company that is trying to make things cheap, and they are making sure that they are going to be able to help people conserve all the data that they need. It is much easier for people to get the talk time they need if they are willing to use FreedomPop and use WhatsApp for free. This is a very basic way of talking to everyone out there, and it is going to allow people to get the experience that they need for as little money as possible. People are going to be able to use their own phone number on WhatsApp, and they will be able to use their phones without worrying about data. They can use their data for other things, and it is going to make it much easier for people to get the help that they need for a low fee or no fee on the free FreedomPop.

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JustFab Goes Plus Size

It is more than safe to say that The Curvy Fashionista is totally pumped for the release of the JustFab plus size collection. In a recent post on The Curvy Fashionista site, she explains that the collection announced by JustFab is more than just a few uninspired items. Rather, she is looking forward to the bright colors, soft fabrics and trendy designs that make up the JustFab plus size collection released for this season. The post includes a preview of some of the hot options for this spring and summer that JustFab is featuring in its new plus size clothing line. With a wide range of plus size clothing options, including casual and essential clothing items, JustFab is offering plenty of choices to fall in love with this new plus size collection. The sizes of the collection go all the way up to size 3X or 22-24. They are all available for purchase online from the JustFab site.
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JustFab: Women’s Shoes, Boots, Handbags & Clothing Online
JustFab | CrunchBase

JustFab has been catching on fire in recent years as a major online fashion retailer. This new announcement of its plus size collection goes to show that the retailer has quickly become a major player in the online fashion world. It is constantly releasing new clothing, shoe and accessory items to keep pace with current trends and give its shoppers plenty of trendy choices to choose from. Part of what has contributed to the almost overnight success of JustFab is that if offers incredibly reasonable prices. Through its VIP membership service, pieces in the new plus size collection start at just $22.95.

One of the benefits that JustFab online customers seem to love about the company is that they can get recommendations from a personal online stylist. By completing a personal style quiz upon signing up for the VIP monthly membership option, members get to give their personal stylist a glimpse into their style and preferences so that they can choose items best suited for their wardrobe. It is also convenient that customers can pair their outfit choices with fun and trendy shoes, handbags, jewelry and denim all in one place online.

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George Soros: A Finance Strategist, Philanthropist, and Philosophical Speculator

George Soros is the founder and the current chair of Soros Fund Management. He has been involved in speculating bonds market and currency market in short-term speculation to make huge bets on the directions of the financial markets. According to Him, financial markets are all chaotic primarily because the prices of currencies and securities are determined by human beings and the decisions made by the traders in these markets.

George Soros believed that market participants influence one another and appear to be moving in herds. George Soros says that most of the time he moved with the crowd but always looking for an opportunity to get out in front to “make a killing.” The question is, how did he tell when the time was right to make a killing? According to him, he has an intuitive physical reaction about when to buy and sell making it hard to verify his prediction and a difficult model to emulate.

When Soros retired his financial career in 2000 on, he then spent about 20 years speculating with billions of other people’s money which resulted in making them and him very wealthy through his highly successful Quantum Fund. He was not right every time he placed a bet, but his net results were highly profitable making him one of the world’s wealthiest investors in history.

George Soros has written various books about finance and wealth such as “The Alchemy of Finance” in 1988, “Soros: The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire,” by Michael Kaufman in 2002, and “Open Society: Reforming Global Capital” by him in 2001. He also has written, “The Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting The Misuse of American Power” by him in 2003 and “Soros On Soros: Staying Ahead of the Curve” by George Soros in 1995.

George Soros most notable trade was when he placed a bet on the Great Britain Pound where he expected that Britain would have to devalue its currency, and no amount of interests rates hike or the currency purchasing power would change the value. Later, Britain devalued its currency and exited the ERM, a decision that was a self-fulfilling prophecy for George Soros. According to Soros, if the speculators believed enough to put their money on the bet, their dreams would have eventually come true.

Lamont was the one who broke the news at 7:30 pm at a press conference that Britain was exiting from the ERM and floating the currency on the international market. The Britain’s financial history today refers to September 17th, 1992 famous as “Black Wednesday” but for George Soros, it was an “Awesome Wednesday.” Once the Great Britain floated the currency, the GBP declined by 15% versus the Deutschmark and 25% versus the US Dollar.

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Keeping Dogs Happy

The family dog is always a top priority. While everyone wants their dog to live a long and active life, it is often difficult to figure out exactly how to give it to them. Providing the right type of food is essential to a pet’s health and well being. Beneful is a product of the Purina Store company that uses quality ingredients to keep dogs in shape while real meats and vegetables are added for extra flavor. With all the different varieties they offer, every dog is sure to find something they love.

With varieties available on, this company aims to please. Beneful Incredibites offers chicken, beef and salmon flavors in a blend specifically designed for small dogs. The chunks of meat and vegetables can be seen so every owner can know exactly what they are giving their pet. This type of wet food is rich in protein giving big flavor for little pets.
For a meal any dog will love, there is Beneful Chopped Blends. This wet food ( delight again uses pieces of real meat and veggies and adds a savory sauce to tie it all together. It also uses extra grains such as wild rice and barley to add more texture and favor, giving dogs their own fine dining experience. For any owner who wants to spoil their pets, Beneful Chopped Blends is the way to go.
Aside from wet food, Beneful is keeping dogs happy and healthy with the dry varieties as well. The original formula has all the nutrition a dog needs every day. Next, Healthy Puppy adds extra calcium to help every dog grow up strong while Playful Life used a protein enhanced formula to get pets the extra boost of energy they need to get through a day of fun. Finally, Healthy Weight cuts down on calories but keeps all the nutrients a dog needs to maintain their ideal weight. With all the different types available, every dog will have exactly what they need.
Keeping a dog happy can be difficult at times. Making sure they have food they love is usually the perfect way to give them what they want. has many varieties for dogs of all ages and sizes. Give dogs what they crave with Beneful.

Keep Your Business Safe From Negative Online Reviews

Are negative and false reviews hurting your business? According to a recent study, your business can lose up to 22% of potential customers if it has just one negative online review.

Dan Hinckley conducted an online survey that consisted of 1,000 Google Consumer Surveys participants, and what he found was that negative online reviews have a huge impact on a consumer’s decision-making process. “Having just one negative review could cost you nearly a quarter of all potential customers who began researching your brand,” says Hinckley. Hinckley further explains that sites such as Google+ and Amazon are among the most popular and influential brand review sites and that companies need to take the time to build a strong support community for their brand on these sites.

Keith Siddel, in an article on about how bad reviews can hurt your business, explains that there are websites that hire freelance writers to post negative and false reviews about companies online. It is also common for businesses to hire “ghost reviewers” whose job is to post false reviews about competing businesses to intentionally lower its reputation.

If a business has negative reviews of their products or services online, then steps need to be taken to reduce the negative impact of these reviews. Luckily, there are professionals out there who can help. The knowledgeable staff at Bury Bad Articles understand that negative reviews are bad for business and are dedicated to helping your business cleanse its Google search pages of these bad articles. They do this by first identifying any negative articles that exist and monitoring them closely. They then generate a “positive buzz” about your business by highlighting positive content through SEO and ORM efforts. Eventually, the positive press will outnumber the negative and the reviews displayed on Google searches will become exclusively positive.

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